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It’s tough for photo editing and management suites to woo users away from the comfort and familiarity of Lightroom, but as it turns out, that can be a great thing for you!
All in all, Zoner Photo Studio 16 puts in a strong performance.
Life against Adobe's propositions is definitely not an easy one, but before automatically jumping to Lightroom you should grab this software's trial version.
Zoner Photo Studio 16 is a large program that will cover most of the problems and overcome most objections that a photographer from new starter to keen enthusiast will be able to throw at it.
A nice step up to more intermediate and advanced editing features.
If you still looking for the perfect photo manager, maybe you should try Zoner Photo Studio. This one will help you to manage, edit, and share your photos.
Instead of investing a large amount of money in lots of applications that are not easy at all to use, you can get Zoner for a very low price of $. Then, your life becomes very simple, and the work with your images and photos becomes a pleasure.
Zoner Photo Studio is actually a UNIVERSAL imaging tool which can save you from jumping from one program to another.
Zoner Photo Studio 13 provides the tools you need to organise, edit and publish your photos all integrated into one powerful package.
The thumbnail browser is straightforward and you'll immediately feel at home with it. The program is quick, and responsive, too - you're not kept waiting while it creates thumbnails.
Zoner Software in the Czech Republic has been developing imaging software since 1993. It was the first to introduce support GPS (Global Positioning System) location data and 3D picture making and these features are included in its latest offering, Zoner Photo Studio 13.


This is an awesome program and for the money, I honestly don't know of any other software that can possibly compete! It's like getting PhotoShop at a 90% discount!
Bryan F. Peterson, PPSOP.com
I purchased Zoner: Photo Studio PRO 16 - your latest version and must say I am sooo happy I did. I LOVE your program.

It works without problems, runs smoothly, does not jam on the computer (HP Elite with Win8) and has the tools, edit modes, upload modes and the features I need to fully enhance, update and copyright my photos.. I have so many photos, and Zoner is an awesome system.

I have tried many photography systems both online + desktop programs in the past and they all seemed to have their faults, run slowly, jams the computer, program closes out un-expectedly etc....

With Zoner, even after using it for a short while - I am really happy with it, you guys have created am awesome system and I am soooo pleased with Zoner.

Thank you so much for producing such an amazing system.
Karen Orman, Focus One Design
Working for a non-profit and keeping software costs down is always a challenge.

Zoner Studio 15 Pro came to my rescue! I was working on a project and struggling with free software that did not do what I needed it to do. When I found Zoner Studio I was able to be up and running and finish the project just like that. I use it regularly and love it!
Dia German, Havasu Community Health Foundation, Arizona
We represent a major German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and of machines for use in enterprise and industry.

Our marketing staff uses Zoner Photo Studio to help manage its graphics and to prepare its marketing materials and graphics data for communication with advertising agencies. This software’s benefit for us is it offers our users advanced photo processing tools, yet also has simple controls available for users that are not graphics professionals.
Our zoo is important both for science/research and for public education in the area of endangered species protection; it is one of the most renowned institutions of its kind in the world.

Zoner Photo Studio is used by our photographers, graphic designers, archival staff, marketing agents, spokespersons, publishing staff, zookeepers and more. This program covers all of our needs, from downloading pictures to managing them to publishing them, both inside and outside the zoo. Our staff appreciates the easy controls, the support for modern computing technologies, and compatibility with established standards.
Our company, among the largest Czech publishing houses, publishes 71 regional dailies and 23 weeklies, which include the most important regional newspapers in the Czech Republic.

Zoner Photo Studio sees the most use in our company among the regional editors, who use it to pre-process photographs before delivering them to the central editing staff. The benefit for us comes from this application’s usability and its compatibility with standard metadata formats.
Filip Michálek, CIO, Vltava–Labe–Press, a. s.
A member of the Verlagsgruppe Passau Press Group
We are a major Czech research university with almost two hundred years of chemistry teaching tradition, one of the oldest schools teaching chemistry subjects in Central Europe.

We use Zoner Photo Studio for the research and publishing activities of our staff and students. Our general education program also includes courses teaching how to process digital photographic documentation, in which Zoner Photo Studio is utilized. Additionally, the software is used by teachers and students in our adult and senior education programs. Our Campus License Program helps to make modern digital photography processing technologies accessible to a wide range of users.
I just wanted to tell you how great Zoner Photo Studio is. I just discovered Zoner Photo Studio FREE yesterday and it does everything I need it to do. But, more than that, I wanted to thank you for this great program. It didn't take me long to customize it to my style needs. I'm especially appreciative of the Viewer tab's Filmstrip view - I've missed this view desperately since moving on from Windows XP, where this view appeared in Windows Explorer.

Thank you also for giving me background color choices; although the "Dark" is very cool looking, I find it difficult on my eyes, so I switched to a light gray, which is working great for me. Anyhow, you've done a great job and I can't thank you enough.
Elaine Marmel, Marmel Enterprises, LLC, Phoenix, AZ


I am a photography tutor in Australia teaching community and adult education classes in photography and digital imaging. I encourage my students to try out Zoner software as I believe it one of the best and most user friendly programs available. I use it to find and display images during my classes. I then show the students how to improve exposure, colour, contrast and shadow details quickly and easily in Zoner. We also have the students create panoramas with just a few simple clicks following the onscreen prompts.

I also teach HDR photography and have tried many of the expensive programs on the market and yet the inexpensive Zoner produces the most natural and realistic effects in the quickest time. I recently used the RAW converter feature on a commercial shoot to convert my RAW files to TIFF and then a single batch conversion of all the TIFF files to JPEG. I also use and recommend the program to prepare images for upload to the web.

This program is so much cheaper than comparable programs and it is so intuitive to use. The 30 day free trial allows you to prove this to yourself.
Terry Pinfold, Australia
I'm a full time freelancer from the Chicago area and have been using the Zoner Photo Studio software for the past several months. This is an exceptional program (and value) - I've greatly benefited from dozens of the many fine features included. The "panoramic" option is one of my favorites - and I can't tell you some of the great comments I've received from showing the results.
Thanks, Zoner Photo Studio - great software!
I've used many different photo organisation software progs and this is by far the best. I'm addicted to Adobe Lightroom, but I'm slowly switching most of my work to Zoner Photo Studio 15 Pro. I love it. I also like that you can edit like a pro in one easy all in one piece of kit.
Donald Davis, London
I felt compelled to write and tell you that after using a free version of Zoner Studio Pro 14 and trying version 15, I purchased the full version. I find it everything I need and more for my workflow/editing. To me, the $69 price tag is a bargain and would be a bargain at twice the price. Lightweight, fast, full-featured, user-friendly - it has cut my post-processing time easily in half. Thanks for an outstanding product at an affordable price!
Gary J. Toth, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
For my photo processing, I’d say Zoner is the best out there on the market. I’ve compared it to lots of competing products by now, and work in them is never as quick and flexible as it is in Zoner.
Frank Gimber, Germany
I spent years using various versions of PhotoImpact, but for me the ideal photo editing program is Zoner Photo Studio. Zoner offers 1-click fixes, but also professional configuration options. It’s for both the laymen and the professional photographers. Zoner and its very well-organized editing tools have already helped me rescue a huge number of photos.
Birgit Jacobeit, Germany
I’ve been working with Zoner for many years, and I’m really delighted by this software. It’s a great, complete solution for managing, archiving, and editing photos. Above all it has a wide range of ways to edit photos, and so I can get more out of my pictures. Zoner is a program that I warmly recommend to others.
Jan Skrzypkowski, Germany
I started with Zoner 14, and I’m still with it for version 16. I stick with Zoner because it precisely meets my photo editing needs. Compared to the competition, Zoner has simpler controls, and it’s easier to learn and has easier terminology. Its sheer number of functions is also important for me.
Günter Mosetter, Germany
The cost/benefit ratio is excellent. I really like working with Zoner. It’s easy to use.
Markus Strathen, Germany
Zoner Photo Studio is ingenious. I used to use PaintShop Pro X5 and X6. But... we learn from our mistakes. Zoner is quick, uncluttered, and intuitive. Thank you for making Zoner!
Andreas Kipsch, Germany
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