The Zoner Photo Studio Learning Center

We strive daily to bring you new guides and videos for work with Zoner Photo Studio.


How to Use the Filter Brush

With the Filter Brush, you will easily enhance each part of a photo in a completely different way.


How to Shrink Your Photos

Zoner Photo Studio is the ideal tool for shrinking your photos—no matter whether it’s just one, or hundreds at once.


How to create videos from your photos

In Zoner Photo Studio it’s easy to create a video with your high-resolution photos and your choice of music or spoken commentary.


How to Crop Photos

Cropping tools are among the simplest and most widely-used photo editing tools. They can help you to improve your composition.

ManagerBe a Star With Rating Stars

Be a Star With Rating Stars

Sort large collections by quality fast

EditorEliminate Red-eye

How to Eliminate Red-eye in Your Photos

Take a look at how to easily eliminate red-eye in your photos.

EditorRating Stars

Be a Cowboy: Learn to Use the Lasso Tool

See how selections can help you work magic—like transforming the colors in your pictures.

DevelopHow to master the Develop section

How to master the Develop section

Learn more about non-destructive edits, how to combine photo effects or how to undo edits you don’t like.


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