Mejore su experiencia en Zoner Photo Studio con nuestros tutoriales. Lea los tutoriales para obtener buenos consejos sobre cómo usar las mejores características y aumentar su conocimiento de las funciones y características que Zoner Photo Studio ofrece.

ZPS 18How to work in Zoner Photo Studio 18

How to work in Zoner Photo Studio 18 EN

Meet the new interface and find out how to work more quickly and easily.

DevelopHow to master the Develop section

How to master the Develop section EN

Learn more about non-destructive edits, how to combine photo effects or how to undo edits you don’t like.

EditorRating Stars

Be a Cowboy: Learn to Use the Lasso Tool EN

See how selections can help you work magic—like transforming the colors in your pictures.

EditorEliminate Red-eye

How to Eliminate Red-eye in Your Photos EN

Take a look at how to easily eliminate red-eye in your photos.

ManagerResizing Photos

Shrinking and Resizing Your Photos EN

Bigger photos mean more data means your photos take longer to view.

EditorRetouching Portraits

Retouch Portraits in Zoner Photo Studio EN

How to improve your photos with help from Zoner Photo Studio?

Editortone-mapping HDR

Improve any photo with tone-mapping HDR EN

Overcome your camera’s limitations and show people your pictures just the way you see them.

ManagerBe a Star With Rating Stars

Be a Star With Rating Stars EN

Sort large collections by quality fast

EditorCreative Color Edits

How-to: Creative Color Edits EN

Do It Like the Pros!


Creating HDR pictures EN

With Zoner Photo Studio, creating HDR photos is easy.

ManagerAdd GPS Coordinates Using Maps

Working with GPS Coordinates EN

How to add GPS coordinates to photos.

EditorThe picture before and after removing the unwanted object

Eliminando objetos no deseados

Eliminando inteligentemente objetos no deseados de las fotos.

ManagerFormats And Quality

Formats And Quality EN

What are the main differences between JPEG and TIFF?

EditorQuick Filters

Using Zoner’s Quick Filters EN

Did you know that Zoner comes with 38 Quick Filters

EditorPictures before and after noise removal

Removing Noise EN

Take a look at how to fight back against one of digital photos’ greatest enemies—noise.

ManagerFixing Bad Dates

Fixing Bad Dates EN

Daylight Savings, dead batteries, bad settings…

EditorThe singer’s portrait after conversion to grayscale

Creating Black and White Pictures EN

Black and white remains popular even though photographers.

ManagerGiving Photos Colored Labels

Giving Photos Colored Labels EN

Colored labels for photos are an easy way to mark their positions in your workflow.

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