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Get the most out of your
Zoner Photo Studio!

Here are some accessories and extras to get the maximum out of your photo editing software:

  • Full manual
    Learn with us! Use this PDF manual based on the program help to get your bearings quickly.

    Download1 407 KB
  • Envelopes And Templates
    Want to make a frame for your photo or give it some life with a template? Come here for color envelopes and extra templates.

  • DNG Converter *
    Do you work with RAW formats from a variety of cameras? For maximum compatibility, we recommend integrating Adobe DNG Converter into Zoner Photo Studio. Just install it and then double-check that Zoner Photo Studio has found the path to it.

  • WIC codecs *
    Get the most faithful RAW file previews possible. Install the WIC codecs supplied by your camera’s manufacturer.

  • GhostScript
    Work with PS, EPS, or PDF files often? Install GhostScript to preview them in Zoner Photo Studio.

    Download12.67 MB