New in Zoner Photo Studio 16

Now with Touch ControlZoner Photo Studio is the first
free photo edit software with Touch Controls.

Find, edit, show and share images faster than ever. Bring those same Touch Control motions that you use on your smartphone and tablet to your PC!

  • Cycle through photos with just a flick of the finger
  • Zoom in and out using pinch actions
  • Select desired files or retouch options with a single tap

Touch Control lets me find and access any photo in seconds! If I wish to pan around the photo, or zoom-in on a corner, Touch Control makes it a breeze.

Editing—Faster and Easier Than EverWhat You Want In One Place

Stop spending time hunting through pull-down edit option bars to locate what you want. The Editor now displays all functions in a Quick Edits pane on the right hand side of the workspace. Easy-to-use sliders deliver instant results.

I find what I want faster, and get more done quicker.

Geotag Photos to MapsSee Where You’ve Been

Click on a photo, drag it to a map, and Zoner Photo Studio creates a virtual pushpin that automatically adds a Geotag to the file and places it on the map.

Have a camera that already Geotags your photos? Those tags will be visible when you import them into Zoner Photo Studio.

Geotags also display in Zonerama album photos.

Our photos can now be automatically tagged to display every where we’ve been. This is not only a great organizing feature, but it’s fun to see on a map.

Content-Aware ResizingIntelligent Photo Composition

Wish to change a photo's composition or size without shrinking or cropping key elements?

New for version 16 is Content-Aware resizing and the ability to adjust only areas you designate.

Use to:

  • bring two people side-by-side
  • make narrow an object that’s too wide
  • improve overall balance
    and proportion

Content-Aware Resizing lets me reposition
that lone tree out on the prairie—turning
a snapshot into fine art.

Facebook SharingFrom Zonerama to Social Media Sharing

If you upload photos to both Zonerama albums and Facebook, you now have seamless integration between the two. No more uploading twice! Pick one and photos appear in both places.

I just upload a bunch of photos to Zonerama. I can now see them instantly right there on Facebook!

The easier and more pleasant your work with photos is, the better.
That’s why we’ve brought you a lot of great new features:
Want to see how Zoner Photo Studio has changed in the last several years?
Here’s a comparison of the latest version with the three versions before it.
logo ZPS 16

Zoner Photo Studio?

  • Streamline your photo tasks using just one software suite--from download to view, from name to organize, from retouch to share.
  • Display all of your images using one of the fastest Viewers on the market. See every file--whether it resides on your computer, memory card or tethered camera.
  • Instantly load photos to a feature-rich Editor workspace that displays Histogram, Exposure, White Balance, Color and Tone Curve.
  • Share photos courtesy instant upload to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and
  • Add fun filter looks such as Lomo, Polaroid, Retro, Bleach Bypass, or try advanced effects such as Tilt-Shift, HDR and 3D.
  • Perfect your photos with basic retouch options such as Sharpen, Color Correct, Red Eye Removal and more.
  • Save time with automatic sorting and Batch Edit mode.
  • One more plus--Zoner Photo Studio automatically makes a back-up of your original photo file. That’s good to know for times when you may accidentally delete a photo or make edits you don‘t like.