Create something from your photos


The fourth module of Zoner Photo Studio X is aptly named the Print module, because you take what you’ve edited and make something material from it. It can be a photo canvas on your wall or a photo book of your vacation. How’s that possible? Thomas will answer that for you:


Make physical products from your photos

It couldn’t be easier: point and shoot your photos, edit them and then make a beautiful canvas print or a photobook from them. All in one software – Zoner Photo Studio X. A few days later (depending on your distance from our Europe HQ), expect a delivery worker arriving at your doorstep. It’s also possible to export a prepared PDF and print it by yourself in the comfort of your home.

The interface of the Print module is similar across all the products so as an example, you can use the following tutorial to create your own book, canvas or calendar.

Note: The video mentions the Create module. You can find it in your ZPS X under the name Print.


You can edit videos too…

That’s right. And it’s not just some useless gimmick either – with Zoner Photo Studio X you can create 4K h264 and HEVC videos with music, transition effects, multiple tracks and color adjustments. Use the Video modul for it. Simply put – there’s a great chance that it will fit all your needs when putting together video from your trip or a clip for Christmas family reunion.


Ready to put your photos in motion? There’s a short tutorial on basic video editing workflow and an advanced one which explains the tracks, subtitles and transition effects.

Tip: You can make a cinemagraph in the Video editor too!

… or create timelapses

A timelapse is a series of photos that are taken over a long time period and later played so that it seems like time is sped up. The flowing skies, the bustling town squares, you’ve surely seen that a lot. The great news is that you can create the same effect in Zoner Photo Studio too. We’ve prepared tools that will help you to arrange your photos and create a stunning timelapse. And we have also prepared a detailed tutorial to help you.


And that’s all for now … or is it?

With the Print module and Video module you have come to the end of the guide through Zoner Photo Studio X. All along, we’ve taken a balanced route between the quick and practical vs. the theoretical to give you an idea of what’s possible to create in the software. But don’t forget there’s more to watch and read to get the most of the Zoner Photo Studio X:

… and the most important part: Have fun playing with your photos!

Reminder: If you ever feel lost or need help with Zoner Photo Studio X, you can contact our support team and they will help you get back on track.