Share ZPS X with the Whole Family

Let everyone at home share in the joys of editing their photos with ZPS X. Save big with the Family license.


Purchase a ZPS X Family license


What is a ZPS X Family license?


The ZPS X Family license is for everyone who enjoys editing their photos or videos. Each member of your household receives their own Zoner account, but you pay only one low subscription fee of $5.99/month.


Simple account management—Manage your account, add members, and renew your license all from a single account.

Separate accounts—Each household member gets their own Zoner account.

Valid for all computers in your home—Install ZPS X on as many computers as you’d like. Each member logs in using their own Zoner account (at home, at school, or on the road).

20GB storage for each member—Each member gets their own 20GB of space free on the Zoner Photo Cloud.

Zonerama accounts for each member—Each member has access to the Zonerama online photo gallery including subscription-only premium features.


Setting up your Family license


Get right to editing all those family photos!


Purchase the ZPS X Family license


Tip: If you already own ZPS X and want to upgrade to the Family license, you can upgrade at any time without waiting for your subscription to end. The subscription amount will be calculated based on the amount of time left on your subscription.

Who can you include in your ZPS X Family license?

All members of a single household. Whether that means a couple living together or a big family, the Family license is here to serve you. However, your aunt from Florida will have to get her own license.


Paul’s Family license

Paul lives in a house in Chicago with his wife and daughter, Emma.

Who can Paul add to his ZPS X Family license?

PaulHome computerPaul’s laptop
WifeHome computerWife’s laptop
DaughterHome computerDaughter’s laptop

Who can't be added?

Sally, his aunt from FloridaJohn, his coworker

Adding family members to your account


How much does the Family license cost?

Whether you are a large family with plenty of kids, or a young couple with a passion for photography, the Family license pays off for two-member households and larger.


How often do you want to pay for your subscription?

Family Plan Individual

Get the whole family involved in photo editing


From our lawyers:


The Family license is for non-commercial use for family members residing in the same household. For commercial use, schools, extended family, or businesses, multi-user licenses are available.


Read the licensing agreement for the Family license