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Вuild 19.2003.2.232


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Zoner Photo Studio Extras

Winter Presets

An group of easy-to-import presets for ZPS X that you can use to create impressive winter photos.

Forest Presets

This group of presets designed especially for forest photos will produce any mood you choose—pensive, beaming, fresh, or gloomy.

Online Manual

In the Zoner Photo Studio X online help, you’ll find detailed descriptions for all of the program’s features and settings.

DNG converter for better RAW processing

Download DNG converter from the Adobe website and enable it in Zoner Photo Studio. (How?) This ensures maximum compatibility with different RAW formats.

WIC Codecs

Get maximum-fidelity RAW previewing: install the WIC codecs for your camera.


Do you often work with PS or EPS files? Install GhostScript to preview them in Zoner Photo Studio.


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