Get started with Zoner Photo Studio X

Howdy! We’re glad that you are trying out Zoner Photo Studio X. To get the most out of this software you’ll need to understand some basics. And the first step to do so is taking a look this short (3:38) overview of Zoner Photo Studio’s interface. Trust us, it’s time well spent.


That was fast, right? Don’t worry, we’ll go into more detail in the following parts of our tour. The good news is that you can go through it at your own pace. Just click the menu on the side of this article and you can jump through the tour however you like.

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Get inspired

We publish our own photography magazine called Learn Zoner. There you’ll find hundreds of articles and videos to give you fresh ideas and tips not only on how to shoot but how to maximize Zoner Photo Studio X.

For example, if you want to learn methodically, these are great articles to go through:

The great news is that as a ZPS X subscriber, you’ll get the best of the magazine straight into your inbox every weekend to keep you ahead of the curve.

You see? Everything a fellow photographer needs is there. Open Zoner Photo Studio X and make your photos better! Don’t forget – our support heroes are on standby to help you! Just send them a message (or reply to any email message that you get from us).

Ready to move onto the next topic, improving your first photo?