The Zoner Photo Studio X Autumn Update: New Export, Flawless Color Management, and Free-form Collages

(September 17th 2019 in Brno) - This year’s Autumn Update to the versatile Zoner Photo Studio photo manager and editor brings users a new export window, improved color management, and free-form collages.

Faster, Smarter Photo Exports

With the Autumn Update, users have a robust tool where they can export photos much more efficiently than before. Export can now produce multiple exports at once, for example full-quality photos alongside reduced-size previews, and lets users store frequently-used settings as Presets. So they can export photos to multiple resolutions at once on their hard disk, while also sharing them to a Zonerama gallery or uploading them to Zoner Photo Cloud.

Zoner Photo Studio checks in the background to ensure that simultaneous exports don’t clash with each other, and it informs of any situations where files could be accidentally overwritten.

The individual export settings have been expanded as well. Users can choose an image source: Full quality including adjustments in the Develop module, preloaded Fast Previews, or JPGs associated with RAW files. Using preloaded Fast Previews can speed up photo export tremendously.

Users can export pictures to different resolutions, and they can now also have ZPS X auto-name the export’s files and subfolders based on photos’ metadata. Exported pictures can also be sharpened for display on a monitor, or for printing. Users have full control over which metadata is kept or discarded in the export. And they can set whether or not to include videos in the export job.

Also new to this update is an improved set of built-in export presets that covers every basic export need and speeds up real-world export workflows. RAW photo export is one third faster than before, and JPG export is four times faster.

Flawless Color Management

Color profile management and work with different color spaces has been completely reworked in the Autumn Update. Color management is always turned on by default, and it takes over the settings from Windows. So even without any user intervention, it provides precise colors in every module of ZPS X. Meanwhile, professionals will appreciate the detailed configuration options and the ability to apply specific color profiles for monitors and printers.

New Full (1:1) Previews

Zoner Photo Studio X has further enriched its toolkit for fast work with large RAW files. Its new 1:1 previews let users assess photos at full resolution and untainted by any color adjustments from the camera. This prevents color shifting, so that users can see the same colors for their photos during both browsing and editing. RAW file previews can be preloaded either during RAW import or separately, and they can even be created for files that aren’t in the Catalog.

This new feature will be especially appreciated by owners of cameras that don’t place full-resolution previews inside their RAWs. Like Sony and Fuji cameras and DJI drones.

Free-form Collages

Free-form collages are a new feature driven directly by user demand. They make creating collages far easier than before. Collages now automatically adapt to the sizes of the photos you use. With no white borders or altered aspect ratios. And it’s now possible to completely ignore a collage template when adding photos, adding new creative possibilities.

Other Improvements

  • One of the things we’re proudest about in the Autumn Update is its significant speedup to work with rating stars and colored labels, making one of the basic steps in photo processing easier than before. The program now responds immediately even when rating large numbers of photos at once.
  • Users can also look forward to more calendar formats in the Create module. We’ve added weekly desk calendars with several stylish templates.
  • Corporate users will definitely appreciate the new Annotations. Once this feature is turned on in the settings, it lets users annotate pictures using arrows, lines, shapes, and text right inside of the Develop module.

An Extended Trial for Exploring the New Features

With every release of a new update, we give users a special opportunity to try out the program even if their trial period has run out—but this time around, it’s for 15 days instead of 10.


This September marks the 26th anniversary of Zoner’s founding. Throughout its existence, it’s been delivering solutions for photographers, from the popular Zoner Photo Studio photo software to the Zonerama online galleries to the Learn Photography magazine. In its home country, the Czech Republic, it’s also a leading provider of internet services—which has helped to keep its global photo-related web services first-rate. Headquartered in the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe, Zoner has branches throughout the continent and in the USA and Japan.


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