This spring’s Zoner Photo Studio beats the competition at color editing

(March 3rd, 2020, in Brno) - The 2020 Spring Update to Zoner Photo Studio—the universal photo management and editing software—brings users complete control over a photo’s colors, faster work in the Develop module, and advanced features in the Zonerama online gallery.

Color shifting: rebuilt and best-of-class

For quick color shifts, Zoner Photo Studio X now offers a Basic mode with a smart eyedropper. Selective editing to Hue, Saturation, and Luminance based on the HSL model only takes a click and a drag.

Advanced mode, meanwhile, has abilities that far surpass both Basic Mode and the competition. ZPS X is the only photo software on the market that lets a user define a precise slice of the color wheel and shift its hue to any point along the whole wheel by moving a single slider.

It also offers a way to unify the final color after the shift—Uniformity. There are settings to define the range of saturation levels to include in the shift, and how smoothly the shifted areas blend in to the rest of the picture. Three display masks are also available to help users when setting up a shift.

Split Toning—for a Hollywood look and more

Split Toning is a fantastic new addition to the suite of color editing tools. It’s especially useful for giving photos cinematic color grading. It’s equally adept at adjusting a picture’s overall tonality and its lights and shadows separately.

Shift Primary Colors

The Spring Update also newly brings users the ability to adjust the hue and saturation levels of the three primary color channels separately. This tool can be used for correcting color differences between camera brands as well. And the values configured here can be set as a default to be applied to every future photo automatically.

Quick previewing in the Develop module

The new quick previewing functionality in the Develop module ensures that editing stays swift even on yesterday’s computers. Three speed settings are provided. Naturally, full previewing for careful inspection of a photo’s details is still available as well.

A more efficient Catalog

Zoner Photo Studio now monitors changes in the Catalog to speed up folder moving and copying. It also prevents the needless reloading of photo previews and saves disk space.

New features on Zonerama

The Zonerama unlimited online gallery has added a convenient way to upload photos into gallery subfolders, as well as expanded sharing options. It’s also now possible to create multiple sharing links to a single folder with different settings. So now different recipients can have different settings for watermarking, downloadability, link expiration, and password-based access.

Automatic license plate anonymization

The anonymization feature can now anonymize not just faces, but license plates as well. This machine-learning-based feature supports the majority of European license plates. License plate anonymization can save countless hours—and thus dollars—in corporate photo editing.

An extension for thoroughly exploring the new features

We’re giving users whose trial periods have expired a chance to try out the new features for 15 days instead of the usual 10.


Last year, Zoner Software celebrated the 26th anniversary of its founding. Throughout all these years, it’s been bringing photographers new solutions from Zoner Photo Studio to the Zonerama online gallery to the Learn Photography learning center. Headquartered in the heart of Europe, this company employs over 100 people both throughout the continent and in the USA and Japan.


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