ZPS 16 - information on updates

Build Build Date    
9 23.03.2015 More Info Download
7 24.06.2014 More Info
5 19.12.2013 More Info
4 23.10.2013 More Info

Build 9 Bug Fixes:

  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Build 7 Bug Fixes:

  • Viewer – Added ability to pan pictures using cursor keys
  • Viewer and Preview – Fixed problem where blowout display did not work on some computers
  • Manager – Fixed problem when assigning information to RAW+JPEG pairs using the Information panel
  • Manager – Solved problem with switching to a folder in two-Browser mode
  • Manager – Added right-click menu for Preview mode
  • Filters and Effects – Resize – Fixed problems with the Keep Proportions option
  • CD/DVD burning – Fixed inability of CD Viewer to display metadata from certain files
  • General – Fixed intermittent crashes during file operations
  • Other, smaller fixes and improvements

Build 5 Bug Fixes:

  • Maps - eliminated slow map loading in the Manager's map mode
  • Printing - better memory use during contact sheet printing
  • Editor - fixed problem where shortcut keys didn't work after using a shortcut to apply/cancel a filter
  • Manager - fixed problem where switching Manager modes with two Browsers shown could flip the two Browsers
  • Filters - Sharpen - removed problems when changing sharpening type
  • Filters - fixed some problems with adding text and pictures as watermarks
  • Viewer - removed problem where it wasn't possible to switch pages in a multi-page TIFF

Build 5 New Features:

  • Editor - controls for loading, saving, etc. presets added in the Side Bar for several filters that didn't have them before

Build 4 Bug Fixes:

  • Preview mode and Viewer Module - fixed program with displaying animated GIFs
  • Filters and Effects - fixed problems with the eyedropper in the Batch Filter
  • Interface - fixed a problem with running ZPS on systems with three monitors
  • Zonerama - fixed a problem with creating folders
  • Information Pane - Corrected display of "Focal length (EQ 35mm)" information for certain cameras

Build 4 New Features:

  • Preview - toolbar icons added for zoom lock and blowout display
  • Navigator - "tooltip" display of full path shown when it doesn't fit in the Navigator