ZPS 17 - information on updates

Build Build Date    
12 21.07.2015 More Info Download
9 10.04.2015 More Info
6 19.12.2014 More Info
4 30.10.2014 More Info
3 07.10.2014 More Info

Fixes in Build 12

  • Catalog - Cache defragmentation optimizations
  • Editor - Quick Edits - fixed saving of tone curve settings
  • Upload to Facebook - update to new API
  • Filters - Specific crop - aspect ratio 1:1 was set incorrectly when selecting other image
  • Browser - fixed problem when closing the "Read only" overwrite warning dialog confirmed the operation
  • Zoner Photo Benchmark - better calculations of the resulting score
  • Formats - fixed crash when reading corrupted TIFF file

New Features in Build 9:

  • Zoner Photo Benchmark – an easy way to see how well your computer can run ZPS.

Fixes in Build 9:

  • Browser – fixed problem with up/down-arrow navigation in Details mode
  • Browser – fixed unwanted moving of file in Catalog after changing file’s metadata in Side Panel and then changing selection
  • Browser – fixed problem when right-click-dragging files
  • RAW – fixed problem where decimal changes to sharpening radius in RAW module were being ignored
  • Viewer – fixed pixelization during MPlayer-based MPEG4 playback
  • Catalog – optimized Catalog speed
  • Catalog – fixed problem with thumbnail cache maintenance – certain kinds of unused data were not being freed up
  • Other – fixed problem with export of long file names
  • Other – reduced background indexing priority to improve program’s responsiveness

Fixes in Build 6:

  • Import - Fixed problem in Import module that caused creation of 0-byte files instead of photos in backup copy folder
  • Filters and Effects - Shift Colors - Fixed problem where presets could not be erased
  • Editor - Editor - Fixed problem where curves had white background
  • Editor - Fixed problem when swapping crop values with Current Ratio turned on

New Features in Build 6:

  • RAW - Added support for the Fuji X-Trans sensor
  • Browser - Find duplicate files - Added option to find supported files only
  • Import - Added ability to select thumbnails using the space bar

Build 4 Bug Fixes:

  • Editor – Fixed malfunctions by the Lights and
  • Shadows sliders in Quick Edits
  • Editor – Fixed Quick Filters malfunction that occurred after use of Gradient Filter
  • General – Fixed zps.exe freezes that occurred in special circumstances after program exit
  • Other minor changes and improvements

Build 3 Bug Fixes:

  • Filters and effects - Text Overlay - Fixed problem with text color when used in batch
  • Viewer - Fixed problem where selected photo was not shown after switching from Timeline to Viewer
  • Catalog - Restored ability to catalog a drive's root folder
  • Other, smaller fixes and improvements