ZPS 18 - information on updates

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What's Fixed in Build 10

  • Viewer - other programs’ windows were sometimes shown after deleting files
  • Editor - occasional lockups when the Fill with Surroundings command was used
  • Calendars - last week missing from weekly calendars for 2017
  • Options - was not possible to turn off update check at system startup
  • Develop - added native support for more cameras
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

What's Fixed in Build 9

  • Viewer - Fixed slow loading of certain RAWs from Sony cameras
  • Manager - RAW/JPG - Fixed problem where deletion did not delete both files
  • Manager - Fixed problem where wallpaper function failed in Windows 8/10
  • Develop - Fixed minor imprecisions in cropping
  • Develop - Fixed problem where crop settings were not always saved
  • Video - Improved behavior of "Fit Length to Soundtrack" option
  • Video - Fixed minor imprecisions in length of generated video
  • Other - Fixed freezing when a scratched disc is in DVD player
  • Other - Fixed bad location of ZPS window after using ZPS Viewer as Windows Default Program

What's New in Build 8

  • Second Monitor - Preview on second monitor now synchronizes with Browser selection in main window
  • Video - enabled time-lapse video creation (time for individual pictures can be set as number of frames)

What's Fixed in Build 8

  • Export - fixed problem where certain photos edited in Develop did not contain metadata after export
  • Editor - fixed problem where Load Original did not work
  • Find Duplicate Files - fixed bad results for small file counts
  • Navigator - eliminated crash when organizing Favorites
  • Other - eliminated crashes when loading certain corrupt JPEG files
  • HDR - exposure blending - fixed inability to re-order pictures

What's New in Build 7

  • Browser - added progress indicator for the creation of thumbnails when copying Develop settings
  • Preview - added multi-page PDF viewing (if Ghostscript is installed)
  • Preview - added multi-page TIFF viewing
  • User Interface - added shortcut keys for switching among modules (Shift + F1-F3)
  • Develop - added native support for the Nikon P340 a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 cameras
  • Develop - added a progress indicator for file loading

What's Fixed in Build 7

  • Preview - added missing 1:1 previewing for RAW files and files processed in the Develop module
  • Browser - fixed problem where information on picture number within folder ("II") and total count of pictures in folder ("IC") was not shown
  • Browser - fixed failure to hide the cursor in full screen mode
  • Fullscreen - fixed problem where the Filmstrip was displayed across the whole screen
  • Editor - Quick Fix - fixed problem where curve channel choices were not being used
  • Develop - White Balance - fixed erasing of RGB information from the Histogram after use of the eyedropper
  • Develop - Crop - fixed problem where Enter key did not work after using Color Shift
  • Editor - ensured that Show Image Before Edits button is hidden for tools that do not support it
  • User Interface - improved the visibility of the active slider

What's New in Build 6

  • Sharing - Postcards - added a feature that lets you turn multiple pictures into one postcard
  • Viewer - added shortcut keys for Ratings, Labels, Image Information, Copy To, and Move To features
  • Develop - added shortcut keys for Labels feature

What's Fixed in Build 6

  • Editor - Quick Edits - fixed problem where edits were not being redrawn when selecting different picture
  • Editor - Magic Wand - fixed problem where it was not possible to change the Matching Mode during work in the editing layer
  • Import - Fixed problem where opening a folder did not open its location in the Catalog
  • Browser - fixed searching via Organize | Search
  • Catalog - fixed updating of Calendar View and Keyword View folders
  • Other - sped up program startup in the case where a mapped network disk is inaccessible
  • GPS - fixed problem with GPS data's compatibility with third-party software
  • Viewer - fixed problem where, if the Viewer was already running, it could not be launched again for the current photo
  • Browser - Sort Pictures - fixed problem with picking folders in the last step

What's New in Build 4

  • Develop - Crop - added button for swapping crop's ratio of sides
  • Develop - added native support for more cameras
  • Zoner Account - added warning when logging out of account

What's Fixed in Build 4

  • Editor - fixed incorrect picture display after using a selection mask
  • Develop - fixed color management
  • Video - fixed failure to re-draw curves on timeline after customizing picture order
  • Video - fixed failure to completely save certain combinations of audio tracks
  • Catalog - fixed inability to change only letter case when renaming keywords
  • Browser - Information - fixed non-display of text Location information when GPS data is absent
  • Other minor fixes and improvements