Supported cameras and lenses

You can view the list of all lens and camera profiles that ZPS X natively supports below. You can filter by manufacturer name.

Native support for cameras

If you shoot in standard JPEG format, you don’t have to worry about your camera. Zoner Photo Studio can display all of your photos. If you shoot in RAW, Zoner Photo Studio supports a wide range of RAW formats for DSLRs and medium format cameras. If your camera is on the list, you can edit your RAW images directly in ZPS. If your camera is not on the list, please follow this tutorial to install the latest version of the Adobe DNG Converter. The Adobe DNG Converter allows ZPS to support all cameras that save images in DNG format.

Native support for lenses

You can now find automatic lens corrections for common errors directly in Zoner Photo Studio. You can keep your images pin-sharp and free of any unwanted lens defects. Select your lens profile in Camera and Lens in the Develop module. See the list below to see if your lens is supported.