Fall Update 2020

Customized to fit your needs

Maybe you’ve only dreamed of it, maybe you suggested it.
Here comes the update you have been asking for.


Enhanced local edits


In the Develop Module, you can locally modify colors and tone curves. What’s more, you can change the intensity of your edits.


We've described all the new features for photo products in our guide.


Get your creative juices flowing with multiple versions


Black and white, detail cropping, or tint adjustment. Quickly and easily make more versions of edits so you no longer need to make needless copies of photos. You will save space on your hard drive and make your work easy to view.


We have a guide for you on how to use multiple Variants of your edits.


Adjustable intensity presets


Do you like a certain preset, but envision something slightly different? For every preset, you can set the scale from 0-100%. Changes in the Develop Module will be adjusted giving you a jumping-off point for other edits.

© Tereza Buchalová

Easy to see which edits you’ve already used

Now you will be able to see what you’ve already edited. Small bullet points ⚫️ make this easy to see and make your work faster.


Smoother curves


Working with curves is now easier than ever. Simpler selection, exact movements, and new, predictable performance of curves with smoother transitions. You don’t need to worry about previously-edited photos. Only you can switch to the new type of curve.


New Luma curve


A completely new type of curve which focuses on changing lightness without affecting color tones. Works with all types of photographs.

© Petr Ferkl
Adjusts brightness factor with more natural results.

We do the line straightening for you


Forget about looking for the right lines. Zoner Photo Studio will find the line for you and intelligently recognize when the change is too dramatic.


Even better photo products


It’s the joy in the small things. We’ve listened to your suggestions about photo products so you can concentrate on choosing the right pictures for capturing your memories.


We've described all the new features for photo products in our guide.


More products for a single shipping cost

Our new shopping cart will save you money on shipping. One package can contain pictures, different formats of photographs, and photo books. Our fast delivery and excellent quality remain the same.


New layouts for all photo products

The beautiful layouts you’ve seen in our photo books are now included in our other photo products and making them became just that much simpler.


New batch placement of photos

While adding photographs, you can now choose where and how the photos are placed, whether or not to add new pages, or to substitute pages.


Adjustable templates

With the click of a button, you can break up templates into individual objects which you can then arrange to your liking.


Rotation of freestanding pictures

While working with freestanding pictures you can now apply rotation and cropping.


Inserting and moving pages

No more needless movement of photographs. Pages are now easily switched out or inserted.


There’s no better time to start a project with Zoner Photo Studio X


Try these new updates on your own photographs. If you like them, become a member of the Zoner Photo Studio user family. It will be worth your while!