The 2021 Spring Update


10 New Ways to Get Better and Faster Results

Spring is knocking at the door, Or autumn! Here’s a shoutout to our fans down under as well. and Zoner Photo Studio X is bringing in even better videos and more efficient photo editing. And if you love shortcut keys, you’re really in luck.


Video Editing – Reimagined

Enhance your video memories, or unify the style of your clips from different places. All in an environment you know and love.

Learn to work with the new video editing.

Copying Between Clips

Save tons of time! When an edit for one clip looks great, just bring it on over to your next clip. Or even every clip on down the Filmstrip.

Check out our guide on how to work with your videos more effectively.

Razor-sharp Video Editing

You’ll find yourself cutting and moving clips far faster than ever. The new shortcut keys and options make your work even easier.

A Better Timeline

Photo Editing That’s Faster Than Ever

Edit more photos than ever – and do it even faster. You can bring edits from one photo into another… or even all the rest down the Filmstrip. And you can now quickly transfer just part of your edits.


Quick part-by-part edit transfers


Adjust all of photos, or the rest down the Filmstrip


Load edits from the previous photo


Dive into the New Features Today

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Stylish Background Blurring

Need a square photo – maybe for Instagram? Avoid forced crops and create impressive blurred backdrops. And it takes less work than ever thanks to the batch filter and the feature for blurring the background during canvas resizing.

Read our guide to this addictive edit.

Now Supporting Apple iCloud

Upload and save your photos from Zoner Photo Studio X straight to Apple iCloud.

For this integration support, you’ll need Apple iCloud for Windows 12.0 or higher on your PC.


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An Easy Way to Compare Details

The new features in the Spring Update make choosing the best photo a tiny bit easier. Or really, a lot easier, because you’d be hard-pressed to find this enhancement elsewhere.

Here’s our guide to comparing details effectively.


Instant change notifications in the Catalog

An innovation that’s so fast you might miss it! ZPS X is now a better watchdog than ever over your cataloged photos, and it processes any changes (even outside ZPS X) far faster too.


Instant checks
for changes in the Catalog


Monitoring mode options
(e.g. for network disks)


Microsoft OneDrive support


We’re Bringing Zonerama to Your Website

Save money and worries over why your gallery isn’t working. Just choose the photos to show your site’s visitors and let us handle the rest.

HTML galerie 1

Dive into the new features
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