ZPS X SPRING 2023 UPDATE Fresh Batch of Updates

The world around us never ceases to amaze. We can say the same about the new updates for Zoner Photo Studio X. The spring 2023 update speeds up your workflow, giving you picture-perfect photos and videos.


Native support for 1200+ camera lenses

With new native support for lens profiles, you can automatically correct distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting in the Develop module. Read more about this new feature in the article.


No need to install add-ons

Quickly and easily enable automatic lens correction

Continuously expanding support for additional lenses

RAW processing at almost twice as fast

We’ve optimized the loading of RAW images and completely redesigned a key part of RAW processing—the demosaicing algorithm. This means that the time it takes to open a RAW file is nearly cut in half. We’ve also worked to speed up import, export, and repeated opening of RAW files.

Spring update
Previous versions

Take full advantage of multiple monitors

Two new modes for working with a second monitor deliver different ways to streamline your work in all modules. Learn more about the use of multiple monitors in the article.

Full Preview while editing

Comparison with reference photo

Work with maps

Stand-alone Browser

Work with multiple video project files

Also supports ultrawide monitors

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Major upgrades to the Video module

Create never-before-seen effects in the Video module. Transform and animate clips, images, and text to your liking. Learn more about video updates in the article.

Transform clips

Scale, move, or crop footage according to your needs. Use image transparency.


Define the flow of changes to each setting and get full control over the animation flow.

Preloading saves you time

You can now preload your video clips folder for faster workflow, avoiding any wait time while adding clips.

Fast video previews

Play video previews smoothly, even on weaker hardware. And, get pin-sharp details in full resolution.

Convenient photo selection in Zonerama

Clients can now easily label photos you share with them for further processing. Then, you process their selection in ZPS X.

Check out the new features in our video

Vanda introduces the most important new functions and explains how they’re used.

Enhancements across the entire program

The spring 2023 update brings the largest batch of improvements since Version X was released in 2016.

Superior artifact reduction for high ISO settings

Elimination of repeated patterns.

More natural addition of film Grain

The new “Luma adaptive” method delivers more realistic results.

Customize the Develop module to fit your needs

Rearrange settings groups how you want.

Scale filter masks

Improved transfer of filters between different-sized images.

Higher-quality photo previews

New previews in the Manager and Develop make every single pixel pin-sharp.

Interactive video thumbnails

Just move your mouse over the thumbnail.

Automatic advance when rating

Saves time when rating photos.

Convenient thumbnail rotation

Icons for rotating images are now on the thumbnail.

Structured keywords

Make it easier to assign keywords that are related.

Support for times shorter than a second

ZPS X correctly sorts images taken by modern devices at the same second.

Metadata token for export time

Allows you to timestamp exported images in the filename.

Improved Viewer and Slideshow

Launches the Viewer for the entire folder. Slideshow disables screensavers.

Reorder tabs in the program header

Organize your work on projects to fit your needs.

50% more supported cameras

We’ve significantly expanded the number of supported cameras since the fall update.

Enhanced Video module

Multi-select, link adjacent clips, and get automatic alerts for source changes.

Fully focused on Windows 10 & 11

We are ending support for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, as well as all 32-bit operating systems. These older operating systems can no longer support the newly added functions and are no longer safe for use.

Welcome the Spring 2023 Update to your computer

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