Spring 2024 Update

Step out of the shadow

Create real HDR photos full of colors
Enhance photos with new effects
Speed up your workflow

Here comes the new Zoner Photo Studio X

Let there be light! Brighten up your photos with HDR

HDR technology can display a greater dynamic range of light and gets the maximum brightness, detail and emotion from your photos. You’ve never been closer to reality than with HDR and ZPS X.

Why will everyone want HDR within the year? Find out in the article.

HDR isn't supported; the image is optimized for SDR display.
HDR isn't supported; the image is optimized for SDR display.

Discover the future of photography with us

Zoner Photo Studio X delivers the best HDR photo processing and the highest-quality output. It is among the first photo editing software to include HDR.

How to edit HDR photos in ZPS X?

Export photos that stand out from the rest

With ZPS X, edit your photos so they stand out not only in HDR but also on standard monitors. Use SDR preview with custom adjustments settings.

Adjustments are saved with image data for both SDR and HDR viewing in the gainmap when exporting. Get complete control over the final look of your photos on both types of monitors.

How to set up an HDR monitor?

Standard monitor
HDR monitor

Learn more about HDR

The first video explains the benefits of HDR technology, the second teaches you how to edit HDR photos in ZPS X and the third walks you through setting up an HDR monitor.

What Is HDR?
How To Set Up HDR in ZPS X
How To Set Up HDR Monitors

Discover a world bursting with color and details with
Zoner Photo Studio X

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Create your unique style with new effects

Discover your unique editing style with new effects in the Develop module.


Add sparkle to your photos. This effect brightens up the highlights in your photo, making it more dynamic and allowing the lens flare to stand out.


This effect gives your photos a retro feel. Add a subtle glow around objects.

New, finer 3D grain

Adjust the size and intensity of added grain and pay homage to analog photography.

Spice up your photos with a double dose of 3D LUT

Use Effect 3D LUT to achieve the right look for your photos in a few clicks. The process is simple. Choose a Color Style photo (input 3D LUT), start editing, and finally, spice up your photo with a 3D LUT of your choice (output 3D LUT).

Say goodbye to chromatic aberration

The new Defringe feature is here. With this feature, remove chromatic aberration and fine-tune your photos to perfection.

Say goodbye to bad photos

The new Reject function allows you to mark unwanted images with an X and batch delete selected photos. Organizing your photos just got faster and easier.

Lightning-fast editing with keyboard shortcuts

Updated keyboard shortcuts can cut your photo editing time in half.

Searching for and setting up keyboard shortcuts is now easier using a simple dialog.

Press Enter to switch from Preview to the Browser and back again.

The Tab key helps you conveniently alternate between searching and browsing.

Learn more about keyboard shortcuts
in our short article.

Video module packed with new features

Choose from 36 transitions for your videos. Customize each one and pin your favorites to the top of the list. Interactive thumbnails now show you which transition is just right.

What else is new?

Support for more cameras

18 cameras and 48 lenses have been added to those natively supported by Zoner Photo Studio X.

Improved photo book design

New drag-and-drop controls and the ability to swap photos on the page and in the whole book make photo book design faster and more enjoyable than before.

Check out the new features in our video

We’ll show you the new features right in ZPS and explain how they are used.


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