Zoner Photo Studio X Winter Update Brings Loads of New Features Just Three Months After Release

7. 12. 2016, Tampa, Florida – The universal photo software Zoner Photo Studio X has just seen the first major update since its release. The Editor now offers deeper work with layers and masks, and several old functions are back in a much improved form. And the Develop module has a new radial filter and advanced noise removal.

“ZPS X introduced a new licensing model, and with it, the promise of ongoing updates and new features throughout the year. After just three months we’re here with a major update, and so in the runup to Christmas, users can enjoy a whole new pack of editing features. We’re definitely not short on user ideas and suggestions, and we’re already working on more great new features,” says product manager Jan Kupcik.

Easier Work with Layers and Masks

Live layer and mask previews in thumbnails make your work easier and make navigating your layers more pleasant. Now you can instantly tell what’s on which layer. Also, text layers are now automatically named after the text you use on them. Work with layer masks is easier thanks to several mask display modes and the ability to link masks and selections. You’ll also find mask editing easier thanks to quicker access to black and white brushes.

Smart Features in the Editor

The Editor has new tools for sharpening and blurring pictures. Smart sharpen only sharpens the parts of a picture that actually need it. This prevents oversharpened edges and ugly halo effects. Smart blurring, meanwhile, blurs surfaces while leaving edges untouched. Those stay sharp, making smart blurring an indispensable aid for work like skin retouching and noise removal. Just like other filters, these too can be applied to selections.

New among the retouching tools in the Editor are Dodge and Burn brushes for “brushing” lightening and darkening onto a picture. These tools, often used in portrait retouching, let you emphasize or suppress any element you want.

Radial Filter and Advanced Noise Reduction in the Develop Module

The Gradient Filter in the Develop module has a new brother, the Radial Filter. You can utilize it both for vignetting with more control than you’d get from the Vignetting filter, and for other local exposure adjustments in the Develop module.

Advanced noise reduction is now also available in the Develop module. So you can now suppress noise non-destructively, and do it while developing your RAW files instead of afterwards. It’s also smarter—for example it can affect just certain colors or brightness levels.

Improved Postcards in the Create Module

The feature for creating physical postcards has matured and is also now in the Create module. It offers more collage layouts, and you can also edit them intuitively via drag-and-drop. Just like with other photo products, ZPS automatically lets you know if the source pictures you’re using are too low-resolution.

Shapes and More Are Back and Better Than Ever

The Place Line and Place Shape tools have returned to ZPS X with a key improvement—they’re now each added on a new layer. So now you can move, recolor, or resize all your lines, shapes, and arrows whenever you want. You can also get creative with Layer Effects, the Morphing Mesh, and the Deform tool.


You can pick up Zoner Photo Studio in the form of a yearly subscription for just $95.88—that equals just $7.99 per month of use. Owners of previous versions can look forward to even better subscription prices—to see your specific price, log in over at

A family license is available for $53.88 a year, making it just $4.49 per month.

During your subscription you’re entitled to regular program updates like this one. They’ll be released over the course of each year and will bring even more new features. The subscription license also includes priority technical support.

Zoner Photo Studio X is available for download and a 7-day free trial at the address

Users whose previous trial has expired and who haven’t yet purchased ZPS X can try the latest update for free until Friday December 16th.

Other useful features in Zoner Photo Studio X:

  • One unified interface everywhere—a left panel with navigation, a right panel with editing tools and their settings, and in the middle, the most important thing: your photos.
  • Easy-to-read icons with a modern design.
  • Powerful tools for organizing your photos using ratings, colored labels, keywords, and more.
  • Folder-, time-, keyword-, and location-based navigation that makes organizing and finding photos easier than ever.
  • A place for non-destructive edits and developing RAWs.
  • Presets for tried-and-true photo edits.
  • A batch filter for editing and processing whole groups of photos at once.
  • Tools for creating photo products like calendars, canvas prints, and photo books right inside the program, and ordering their professional printing.

Zoner, Inc. develops and markets Zoner Photo Studio and also operates, an unlimited and free online photo gallery service. Zoner’s corporate offices are located in San Francisco, Tokyo, and the Czech Republic. The company was launched back in 1993 by five fresh-faced, photography-loving graduates.
Twitter: @ZphotoStudio


Media Contact:
Alena Vorackova