Zoner Photo Studio X Introduces Zoner Photo Cloud:
Personal Online Storage That’s Made for Photographers

(June 26th, 2018, Brno)—In its summer update, the versatile photo manager and editor Zoner Photo Studio X is introducing new photographer-focused personal online storage: Zoner Photo Cloud. It comes with 5 GB free for every user.

The Photo Cloud That’s Different

Zoner Photo Cloud is specialized for work with photos, but you can files of any type to it. So you can edit your RAW files directly on Zoner Photo Cloud with minimal delays and upload videos to it in any format—or for example text files describing a trip or audio recordings of an event. Universal storage with perfect photo support like this isn’t just smart—it’s also unique.

Work With the Cloud Like You Would With Your Disk

When you’re working in the cloud, ZPS X takes a smart approach—it only downloads what you need (like previews or descriptions) and uses caching. So your work with cloud photos is just as convenient as if they were stored on your disk. Meanwhile it means you don’t need to keep a copy of your collection on your disk, and so Zoner Photo Cloud brings substantial savings for storage—and for data transfers.

Adjust Your Photos Right on Zoner Photo Cloud

This cloud takes full advantage of the optimizations in ZPS X for non-destructive edits. Put simply, while ZPS does need to download a photo in full, when you’re done it only has to upload information about your adjustments. This saves the average household user (with a slow uplink) as many as dozens of seconds per photo. Zoner Photo Cloud naturally also supports classical editing in the Editor.

Managed Sharing With Your Family or Workmates

Zoner Photo Cloud isn’t focused on publishing photos for the world—it doesn’t get in the way of the Zonerama online galleries. But folders in the cloud can be shared with other ZPS X users, such as relatives or workmates. These folders can have size limits, so users can keep control over the space that they've bought.

Safety First

All data transfers are SSL-encrypted and secured against eavesdropping. Users (and everyone they’ve folders shared with) have access to their data via Zoner Photo Studio X. This eliminates data leaks via third-party applications and prevents ransomware risks.

A Recycle Bin protects against accidental deletion—files can be recovered from it for up to 30 days.

User data is stored on servers in the Czech Republic at several separated storage points in the secure server rooms of our sister division Czechia, which has over 20 years of experience in providing web and cloud services.

Enough Space for Everyone

Every ZPS X subscriber receives an unlimited-time basic plan with 5 GB of space for free. Plans with higher capacities can be purchased right from inside of Zoner Photo Studio X.

Basic plan
—up to 5 GB
50 GB
200 GB
500 GB
1 TB

Naturally the summer update brings enhancements to Zoner Photo Studio X itself as well.

The full version of ZPS X, including the basic Zoner Photo Cloud plan with 5 GB of space, is available to download and try free for 7 days from


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