ZPS X - information on updates

What’s New in Build 239

  • This update fixes various problems


What’s New in Build 232

  • This update fixes various problems

What’s New in Build 228

  • Manager – fixed a problem with deleting files
  • Manager – Synchronize folders – fixed functionality
  • Other minor features and improvements

What’s New in Build 225

  • Develop – Color Shift – completely reworked; added Advanced Mode
  • Develop – Split Toning – new tool for quickly toning a a picture – overall, or in lights and shadows separately
  • Develop – Quick Preview – new option for setting preview quality to speed up editing
  • Develop – Anonymize – new feature for automatic license plate automatic detection
  • Catalog – various optimizations for faster work with files and faster thumbnailing
  • Other minor enhancements and error fixes
  • Complete overview of the new features: 2020 Spring Update

What’s New in Build 204

  • Manager – Multi-page Documents – fixed a problem that had been breaking integration for Ghostscript 9.28 and higher
  • Create – Export to PDF – Fixed problem with saving PDF file descriptions
  • Zonerama – fixed a problem that had been causing a server communication error
  • Video – fixed a problem concerning video files with a shifted audio track
  • Video – improved compatibility with certain video file formats
  • Manager – Filter – fixed a problem with changing the filter settings

What’s New in Build 198

  • Import – fixed a problem that caused occasional crashes when closing the Import tab
  • Maps – Track Log – fixed a problem with shifting times for certain types of track logs
  • Manager – Quick Search – Fixed error that had occurred when showing the map for choosing GPS coordinates
  • Create – Postcards – fixed a problem with sending postcards
  • Create – Photo Books – Fixed a problem with the controls for text settings in newly created text boxes

What’s New in Build 195

  • Develop, Editor – fixed a problem with the displaying of popup windows (Presets and Adjustments) when the program window was minimized
  • Batch filter – fixed a problem with showing/hiding individual filters
  • Manager – increased speed when moving thumbnails in the Browser
  • Manager – Generate Lists – fixed problem with truncated texts in the generated file
  • Create – Photobook – fixed problem with missing images during export
  • Single-photo printing – fixed problem with grayscale photo printing

What’s New in Build 193

  • Create – Photobook – fixed an occasional problem where not all pictures were being exported
  • Create – Canvas Print – fixed problem with the updating of prints’ prices on the Order button
  • Create – Collage – fixed a problem with low maximum text size
  • Create – Collage – fixed a problem with white lines between images and with inside-frame transparency
  • Editor – fixed crash when using the Copy Merged Image command
  • Develop – fixed a problem with compression quality when saving destructively to the HEIF format
  • Develop – fixed a problem with sorting edited files by their date of last changes
  • Export – fixed a problem that was causing misrotated previews to be generated from RAW files
  • Zoner Photo Cloud – fixed a problem with the copying of RAW + JPEG files
  • Manager – fixed a problem that was causing thumbnail display slowdowns

What’s New in Build 189

  • Editor – Quick Edits – fixed problem with confirming edits using the Enter key
  • Editor – fixed problem with transferring a picture through the Clipboard between pictures with differing color depths
  • Develop – added support for the HEIF format
  • Develop – fixed broken “Sharpen - Portrait” preset
  • Export – fixed problem with writing the DPI value into the exported file
  • Formats – AI – fixed problem with loading thumbnails from certain AI files
  • Formats – JXR – fixed crash during the loading of JXR files with an ICC profile
  • Formats – TIFF – fixed problem with TIFF files in the CMYK color model or CIELAB color space
  • Zonerama, Zoner Photo Cloud – fixed problems with uploading large files on slow connections

What’s New in Build 188

  • Create – Contact Sheets – fixed problem with the {II} (picture order) formatting string
  • Create – fixed problems with multi-line texts
  • Export – fixed a problem with the color space in certain pictures

What’s New in Build 187

  • Create – Calendars – fixed a problem with transparency and text colors during export
  • Create – Contact Sheets – fixed a problem with the filename of the first photo on a sheet
  • Create – Video – fixed problems with the Side Panel after creating a new video project
  • Manager – fixed problems when rating a large number of files
  • Batch Filter – fixed problem that occurred when removing a filter
  • Preferences – fixed problem where the loading of ZPS settings from a file was not working

What’s New in Build 184

  • Solved a problem where the program froze when saving files on computers with 2 GB of RAM
  • Export - fixed a problem that was causing occasional out-of-memory errors during sharpening
  • Develop - fixed a problem with thumbnails during batch file editing
  • Zonerama - fixed a problem with uploading videos under 2 seconds long

What’s New in Build 182

  • Develop – fixed problem with artifacts in image previews when using certain settings
  • Export – fixed problem with displaying this dialog on low-resolution monitors
  • Manager – fixed problem with occasional slowdowns during file operations
  • Eliminated occasional crashes on program start when a folder was missing from the Catalog

What’s New in Build 181

  • Export – more configurable and finishes faster
  • Catalog – option of 1:1 previews for RAW files
  • Manager – faster photo rating
  • Create – Collage – new template options
  • Create – Calendar – new weekly and desk calendars
  • Develop – Annotations – a new tool for adding text and objects
  • Minor improvements and fixes

What’s New in Build 175

  • Fixed problems with transition to a new installer type

What’s New in Build 164

  • A transition to a new installer type
  • This update fixes various problems

What’s New in Build 150

  • This update fixes various problems

What’s New in Build 147

  • This update fixes various problems

What’s New in Build 145

  • This update fixes various problems

What’s New in Build 143

  • This update fixes various problems

What’s New in Build 141

  • This update fixes various problems

What’s New in Build 140

What's Fixed in Build 93

  • Create – Video – improved support for the MOV and WAV formats
  • Manager – fixed problems when sharing photos over a DLNA Media Server
  • Develop – fixed a problem with gradient width in the Radial Filter
  • Develop – fixed a problem with correcting chromatic aberration using an LCP profile
  • Create – Photo books – fixed problems with changing the page layout and adding text
  • Create – fixed a problem with the filmstrip display that shows the number of photos used

What's Fixed in Build 84

  • Create – Video – fixed problem when configuring Pan&Zoom effect
  • Create – Video – fixed problem with sound in MTS files
  • Create – Video – improved compatibility for the MOV format
  • Develop – fixed problem with badly redrawn mask when drawing with the brush
  • Develop – fixed problem when changing settings when noise reduction was turned on
  • Manager – fixed problem with the display of the small map in the Information panel

What's Fixed in Build 83

  • Manager – fixed a problem with the small map display in the Information panel
  • Develop – Presets – fixed a problem with the order of exported presets
  • Develop – fixed a problem with white balancing using the eyedropper for pictures with portrait orientation
  • Develop – fixed a problem with the display of pictures shot to portrait orientation in the CR3 format
  • Create – Video – fixed a display problem with the dialog when adding multiple pictures to a track
  • Create – Video – increased the quality of exported videos
  • Zoner Photo Cloud – fixed the behavior of sorting by extension
  • Import – fixed problem with the indexing of imported folders in the Catalog
  • Viewer – fixed problem with multiple monitors – after minimization, the Viewer was always maximizing to the main monitor

What’s New in Build 82

  • Create – Video – New tool for multi-track video creation and editing
  • Develop – Improved work with presets – import, export, organizing into folders, favorite presets
  • Zoner Photo Cloud – added ZPC support to Catalog, improved the speed of uploads to ZPC

What's Fixed in Build 74

  • Create - fixed problems with a missing font on Windows 7
  • Export - fixed problem with saving to the HEIF format
  • Export - fixed problem with saving to network folders
  • Manager - Navigator - fixed error when dragging RAW files to the keywords list
  • Editor - fixed saving of metadata for photos from Pentax cameras
  • Develop - fixed bad preview ratio for cropped photos stored on Zoner Photo Cloud

What's Fixed in Build 72

  • Zoner Photo Cloud - fixed problems in the Develop module on Windows 7
  • Editor - Gradient Filter - fixed problem with mirroring of the effect
  • Manager - OneDrive - fixed deletion of files that are stored online only
  • Develop - fixed problems with camera profile when copying settings
  • Develop - fixed problem with making current settings the default
  • Create - Postcards - fixed problems with entering certain characters in addresses

What’s New in Build 71

  • Zoner Photo Cloud
  • Other improvements and fixes

What's Fixed in Build 61

  • Develop - fixed crashes and freezes in Develop
  • Manager - fixed bad display when rotating RAW files
  • Filters - Text Overlay - fixed bad display when using watermark
  • Editor - Iron tool - fixed crash when using this tool on grayscale images
  • Manager - Batch Filter - scrollbar was missing from panel when a large number of filters was added

What’s New in Build 60

  • Editor – Layer Groups – layers can be organized into groups
  • Editor – Layers – multi-layer selections
  • Editor – new Adjustments and Layer Properties panels
  • Develop – smart previews for faster RAW file loading in the Develop module
  • Develop – new presets, including new auto-enhancement modes
  • Develop – new Camera and Lens section for more convenient work with camera and lens profiles
  • Other improvements and fixes

What's Fixed in Build 51

  • Editor - fixed selection tools problems with images that have a 16-bit color depth
  • Develop - fixed bad Filter Brush display in portrait-orientation images
  • Develop - fixed problems with the Polarization setting when multiple images were selected
  • Create - Video - fixed crash during video cropping
  • Create - Collage - fixed text alignment problems
  • Create - added new fonts
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

What's Fixed in Build 49

  • HEIF – fixed problems with rotating images in the Browser
  • HEIF – fixed problem where the selected color space was not assigned during export
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

What’s New in Build 48

  • Develop – new Smoothing Brush tool – e.g. for smoothing skin
  • Develop – Retouching Brush – new Structure Cloning option
  • Develop and Editor – New Polarization setting for simulating a polarizing filter
  • Editor – source selection for the Cloning and Retouching brushes
  • HEIF – experimental support for the HEIF format
  • Onedrive – Windows 10 – a right-click menu item for thumbnails for managing files’ online/offline status
  • Preview – caching for full-resolution (1:1) previews
  • Create – Photo Books – new templates; more options for working with pictures and text
  • Other improvements and fixes

What's Fixed in Build 40

  • Create - added ability to order landscape-orientation calendars
  • Create - Video - fixed bad ratio of sides for certain videos
  • Create - Video - improved video support on Windows 7
  • Editor - Printing - fixed empty printing dialog on certain PCs with Windows 10
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

What's Fixed in Build 39

  • Editor - Quick Edits - fixed non-functional white-balance eyedropper
  • Editor - fixed crash when using the Exposure filter in the Batch Filter
  • Create - fixed problem where added images were not being shown after loading a saved project
  • Create - fixed occasional crash when changing formats
  • General - fixed increased processor load when working in ZPS without an internet connection

What’s New in Build 38

  • Develop – new non-destructive tools: Retouching Brush and Clone Stamp
  • Editor – Adjustment Layers: new settings-based layers for lossless edits
  • Create – Contact Sheets: a new output type; printing multiple photos with descriptions
  • Create – Video – now besides photos, videos can also be added to your video project
  • Editor – pressure support for graphics tablets
  • Onedrive – support for “online-only” files in Windows 10
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

What's Fixed in Build 30

  • Develop - Filter Brush - fixed problems when using Clarity setting
  • Manager - Navigator - fixed problem where new folders were added to Favorites
  • Editor - Fill with Surroundings - fixed crash when selecting over 50% of a picture
  • Create - fixed error when printing on Windows 7
  • Other minor fixes

What's Fixed in Build 29

  • Fixed occasional crash when starting or exiting ZPS
  • Fixed non-displying of blowouts on some PC configurations

What’s New in Build 28

  • Preview – Support for displaying multiple selected files
  • Develop – Support for editing multiple selected files
  • Develop – Improved Clarity control
  • Create – Classical paper photos can now be ordered
  • Video – video trimming feature
  • Share – support for the Pixbuf service, for managing photo sharing on social networks
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

What's Fixed in Build 22

  • Fixed activation of the Zonerama gallery

What's Fixed in Build 21

  • Editor - Quick Edits - fixed occasional failure to save last settings used
  • Editor - Quick Edits - fixed occasional malfunctioning of settings changes for lights and shadows
  • Editor - Magic Wand - fixed occasional crash when clicking outside a picture
  • Manager - Information panel - GPS - fixed inability to adjust altitude
  • Manager - Information panel - fixed occasional crash when information was changed for multiple files at once
  • Manager - Preview - fixed non-functioning of F3 (Viewer) key
  • Develop - Filter Brush - fixed non-functioning of color-selection eyedropper
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

What’s New in Build 20

  • Develop - new Filter Brush tool
  • Develop - new automatic photo enhancement
  • Editor - new Refine Edge feature available for all selection tools
  • Editor - Quick Edits - faster preview redrawing after changing settings
  • Map - work with tracklogs directly inside the Manager’s Map mode. New map source: OpenStreetMaps
  • Share - new options for Facebook sharing - via Messenger or to a page instead of to a person
  • Manager - Assigning of ratings, labels, and GPS coordinates to multiple files is handled in the background
  • Manager - Navigator - support for OneDrive for Business
  • Manager - Information panel - auto-complete for the Title, Description, Keywords, and GPS Location items
  • Manager - Quick Search - new option to specifically find files that do not have GPS coordinates assigned
  • Manager - the complete disk path to a file can be copied (using the right-click menu for its thumbnail)
  • Editor - new Export to PDF function
  • Minor problem fixes and other small improvements

What's Fixed in Build 14

  • Manager - image thumbnails were not showing in certain dialogs and wizards (e.g. Panorama and Batch Filter)
  • Manager - Information panel - text in Author and Copyright fields could not be edited
  • Manager - Information panel - was not possible to enter special characters using the Alt+number shortcuts
  • Create - export to the GIF format was not working

What's Fixed in Build 13

  • Editor - Canvas and Borders - adding a border did not expand the canvas to make room for the border
  • Editor - for certain tools (e.g. the Paintbrush) the last color used was not being retained
  • Editor - Morphing Mesh and Deform - in certain cases image transparency problems occurred when these were used on a picture
  • Develop - Gradient Filter and Radial Filter - confirmation buttons were not visible on low-resolution monitors
  • Other minor fixes

What’s New in Build 11

  • Editor - Layer effects, including copying/pasting of effects among layers
  • Editor - Place Shape and Place Line features
  • Editor - Morphing Mesh and Deform tools
  • Editor - New Dodge and Burn brushes
  • Editor - New Gradient drawing tool - for adding linear, radial, and angular color gradients
  • Editor - Layers - Thumbnails in the layer list for layers and their masks
  • Editor - Layers - Layer masks can be displayed in several modes
  • Editor - Layers - Layers can be converted to masks and vice-versa
  • Editor - Layers - Easier selection of black and white brushes when drawing on a mask
  • Editor - Layers - Quicker mass showing/hiding of layers (Ctrl+click on the icon for layer visibility)
  • Editor - Layers - Place Colored Layer - A quick way to add a new layer filled with one color
  • Editor - Automatic naming of text layers by their text
  • Develop - New Radial Filter tool
  • Develop - Noise removal - Advanced settings added
  • Develop - Sharpening - New Smart Sharpen method
  • Develop - Vignetting - New Exposure method
  • Filters - Sharpen - New Smart Sharpen method - better handling of a picture’s contours
  • Filters - Blur - New Smart Blurring method - doesn’t blur contours in a picture
  • Create - Postcards - creating and sending physical postcards from the Create module
  • Minor problem fixes and other small improvements

What's Fixed in Build 7

  • Navigator - Fixed problem where new keywords could not be added
  • Develop - Fixed broken HDR settings
  • Share - Fixed broken Twitter sharing
  • Create - Calendars - Fixed error that was occurring when saving a custom calendar format
  • Create - Collage - Fixed problem where selected photos were not used
  • Create - Video - Fixed problem where buttons for adding pictures to the timeline were not active when switching into this function
  • Filters - Soft light - Fixed crash at certain bit depths
  • Editor - Crop - Fixed crash when rotating picture
  • Editor - Toolbar - Fixed non-displaying of tooltips for selection tools

What's Fixed in Build 5

  • Manager - Fixed indexing of GPS locations